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Your wedding day is about you, your family, and God. 

I want to help you start well, celebrate well, and live well as a married couple.  My wedding services are often described as: personal, profound, simple, and fun.  Yes, it is possible to blend all of those into one beautiful whole.

We'll plan the service together, incorporating whatever personal elements you want.  I'll get to know you and your dreams so that the service will be personalized, not just a cookie cutter ceremony.

I've been happily married for 13 years, and we have two beautiful kids.  If you're interested, I love to do a few short sessions of premarital counseling. 

I grew up in the South, but I've traveled the world (25 countries and counting).  After 9 years as a pastor of an international church in South Korea, my family has relocated to Northwest Indiana. 

I love connecting with people of all faith backgrounds, or no particular faith.  Although I've been a Christian most of my life, my friends and family are Buddhist, Muslim, athiest, agnostic, or simply "spiritual."  One of my strengths is helping people who are frustrated with church have meaningful spiritual experiences.


For info or questions on how I can help with your wedding, contact me at 219-801-2418 or  

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Success Stories:

  • John and Melinda - Married 14 years.
  • Mark and Naoimi - Married 9 years.
  • Seth and Ann - Married 7 years.
  • Hal and MoonJeong - Married 6 years. 
  • Calvin and Angela - Married 4 years.
  • Ron and Fiona - Married 3 years.
  • Kris and Cora - Married 2 years.
  • Ashley and Mike - Married 1 year.
  • Bill and Mary - In premarital counseling now.
  • Mike and Nikki - In premarital counseling now.
  • Meghan and Luke - In premarital counseling now.
  • Mark and Patti - In premarital counseling now.