Lenten Prayer: From Brokenness to Beauty

Father, we are broken, and we can’t put ourselves back together.
Jesus, we are sick, and we can’t take enough pills to cure us.
Spirit, we are dry, and it feels like there is no water in sight.

We confess that we have wandered away.
We confess that we have tried to do life by ourselves.
We confess that we have closed You out,
    By our busyness,
    By our convenient lies,
    By our lifestyles modeled after our culture,
    By our frantic pace, going, going, going,
    By our selfishness,
    By ignoring the poor and needy among us,
    By sidestepping your commands,
    By using people like things,
    By valuing work over family,
    By judging instead of giving grace,
    By making You an optional add-on.
We confess that we have shut ourselves to the cure of Your Presence.  
Please accept our confession and heal our wounds.

Thank you for not giving up on us.
Thank you for your promise to be faithful even when we fail,
   no matter how many times we fail.
Thank you for giving us more love than we deserve
   and more grace than we could ever use.
Thank you that even now you forgive us and love us.

Please heal our brokenness with Your wholeness.
Please heal our sickness with Your health.
Please till our barren lives and water us with Your Spirit.
Please bring up lush gardens of goodness and love among us.
And, please help us to take our places as fellow gardeners with You,
   cultivating Your wholeness in our broken world,
   so that You can redeem us all,
   bringing forth Your vibrant fruit:
    love, joy, peace,
    patience, kindness, goodness,
    faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  
Bring Your fruitful life of wholeness and grace in our community,
   and we will be eternally, immeasurably grateful.



(This prayer is based on the mission of Duneland Community Church: Cultivating God's Wholeness in a Broken World.)