For Women Because Trump, Because Us

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for what Trump has said and done,
   sorry we let him.
I’m sorry that locker rooms were ever that awful,
   sorry some still think that’s OK.
I’m sorry that you live in danger from men like Trump,
   sorry we still haven’t fixed this, fixed us.
I’m sorry that we value babies more than the women who bear them,
   sorry politics trumps decency.
I’m sorry that our boys see our National Groper,
   sorry he expresses our manhood gone awry.
I’m sorry that Trump shouts our worst selves,
   sorry he is our collective national id.
I’m sorry that many Christians have been bamboozled,
   sorry we don’t act more like Christ.
I’m sorry that men have let you down and felt you up,
   sorry we deny, dismiss, defend, degrade.

You are worth more.
You deserve more.
You are beautiful and powerful.
You are our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters.
You are often our conscience, our beating heart.
You are our equals and often our betters.
You can lead the way.
You can reshape this broken world.
We will try to help you.